Special Order

Give your favorite album the touch of gold. We’ll find an album of your choice to be plated in 24-karat gold, complete with high-quality framing. Make your own gold record today.

How it works: 

Send our gold record specialists your order request and you’ll receive your initial deposit invoice for $100 (this will be applied to your final product price). 

Our vinyl concierge will connect with you and work to find the exact record you’re looking for.

Once your record is secured, we’ll finalize the framing details and turn your record to real gold. 

We’ll set your record in a high-quality frame and mail it to your door. 

Pricing will depend on the availability of your record and the upgrades you select(ex: platinum, autographed, rare release). The average price range for this service is $300 - $950. In the unlikely event that we cannot find your dream record, we’ll return 100% of your deposit to you. 

Ready to get your gold vinyl? 

Special Order

Special Order

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