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Indie Hits of the 2000s

Revisit the rebellious spirit of the 2000s indie music scene with our collection of gold records.

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Experience the luxury of our rare record collection, each one plated with real gold. Elevate your music collection to a whole new level.

Featured Artist: The Beatles

Discover our exclusive collection of rare gold records by The Beatles. Relive the magic of their iconic music.

About Our Products

  • Authentic Gold Records

    Made in Austin, TX, our real gold records celebrate the albums that define our musical history. We don't cut corners by using fake metals or blank records; these are made with real gold (14K gold and 24K gold) and actual albums.

  • High Quality Framing

    Each record is preserved in a custom wooden frame with a double mat and protective glass. Your frame has ready-to-hang hardware so you can immediately display it in your home or office. 

  • Custom Vinyl Options

    Make your own vinyl with our custom record products. Choose your vinyl style, design your album cover and pick your framing option. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, awards and gifts.