Can you play gold and platinum records?

Have you ever walked into a music studio (or seen one in the movies) and noticed those impressive framed gold and platinum records hanging on the walls? They're a symbol of success and recognition for the artists who achieved incredible sales milestones... but here's the burning question: can you actually play those records? And should you?

Preserving Music History

Let's start by acknowledging the undeniable coolness factor of playing a gold or platinum record on your turntable. It's like owning a piece of music history and being able to experience it firsthand. The feeling of dropping the needle on a record that has sold millions of copies is undoubtedly thrilling.

The Pros and Cons

However, there are some important factors to consider before you rush to play your prized possession. One of the main concerns is the potential damage it can cause to both the record and your record player needle.

Gold and platinum records are not made of the same materials as regular vinyl records. The ones we make here are coated with real precious metal, making them heavier and more fragile. Other stores sell fake gold and platinum records covered in mylar which is a material that can also damage your record player. Playing these records repeatedly can lead to scratches, warping, and even breakage. And let's not forget about the delicate needle on your turntable, which can wear down faster when playing these unique records.

Preserving the Magic

While it may be tempting to hear the music from a gold or platinum record, it's important to remember that these records hold a special place in music history. They represent incredible achievements and milestones for the artists who created them. By keeping them framed and displayed, you are preserving their magic and allowing others to appreciate their significance.

Imagine being able to show your friends and family the actual record that sold millions of copies, right there on your wall. It becomes a conversation starter, a piece of art, and a constant reminder of the impact that music can have on our lives.


So, should you play your gold or platinum records? While the allure of hearing the music firsthand is strong, it's best to resist the temptation. By keeping these records framed and protected, you are ensuring their longevity and preserving their value as pieces of music history.

Instead, invest in a regular vinyl copy of the album if you want to enjoy the music on your turntable. That way, you can have the best of both worlds – the experience of listening to the music and the pride of owning a framed gold or platinum record.

Remember, these records are not just ordinary vinyl – they are symbols of extraordinary success and achievement. Let them shine on your wall, and let the music play on a regular record.

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