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Beck - Modern Guilt - 14K Gold Plated Vinyl

Beck - Modern Guilt - 14K Gold Plated Vinyl

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"Modern Guilt" by Beck, now in a 14K gold-plated edition, offers a unique perspective on contemporary society. Beck's introspective lyrics and genre-bending music are beautifully captured in this limited collector's item. This framed album is not just a piece of art but a reflection of the modern world's complexities and uncertainties. A must-have for fans and collectors, it's a conversation starter that delves into the depths of human existence through music.
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  • High Quality Framing

    Each record is preserved in a custom wooden frame with a double mat and protective glass. Your frame has ready-to-hang hardware so you can immediately display it in your home or office. 

  • Authentic Gold

    Made in Austin, TX, our real 24-karat gold records celebrate the albums that define our musical history. We don't cut corners by using fake metals or blank records; these are made with real gold and actual albums.

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